What Is Your Why? – Yoga For the 21st Century

What Is Your Why?


Theme of the week explained:

This week I’ve been asking my students to ask themselves one question:

What is your why? – Because within that answer you find the basis to you practice.


I’m starting to believe we’re all yogis in this life, we all have something that makes our hearts sing, that wills us out of bed in the morning. Maybe even keeps us up at night with a head full of dreams that don’t need the sleep induced visualisations.


Some people who have no idea what yoga is or brings; view it as some detached tree hugging hippy shit or cult like religion.

Why? Because they have no way of seeing how it relates to their lives.

on the other spectrum however, its easy for us who practice to get caught up in the ancient teachings, trying to apply that to life in the modern world that we loose its true essence.

Yoga isn’t about your ability, what fancy shapes you make, how many calories you burn.

Its not about whether you know your chakras or can resight the 8 limbs off by heart.

Its all about, and always has been about:


Connection and understanding.

Time in a yoga class helps you connect inside, to the body, to the mind allowing them to quiet down so you can see deep down into the heart and what lies there.

It will be different for each one of us. whatever it may be, in it lives our own expression of Yoga.

The real yoga begins when you step foot out of the class with that realisation. (However long that takes) and take that connection into the world around you.

So if you’re thinking how yoga is present in your life (Asana practitioner or not)

Come back to your whys

Why you get out of bed in the morning? What’s that one thing that brings you wholeness, that makes you feel most alive?

For musicians its your scales.

For you creatives , yours lies in your expression. Your work inspiring others.

For Doctors, Teachers, Lawyers your yoga lies in the serving of others.

For Parents – Your yoga lives in your 3am feeds and doing the very best for your children


Yoga is the way you connect and bring meaning to the life and lives that surrounds you. As on of my favourite teachers says: doesn’t matter what you do its the heart in which you do it – And that heart is your yoga

Peace and Love





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