Theme of the Week – Believe In Yourself


This weeks theme explained:

We are always searching for security, we always find comfort in the known yet we find it so hard trusting and believing in the ONLY one constant thing in our lives.


It’s literally the only thing we can own, the only thing we can control in this world yet we have such a hard time believing in our own power.

We hold within us all the answers to the questions we can ask of the world. We are all from source and hold infinite potential all we have to start doing is start believing.

Replace all the “No I can’t” to a “What if”

Believe in yourself and see how your life changes.


Bringing it to practice…


Start: I always introduce the theme after centring students. This week after a few breathing exercises I asked students to feel the wholeness and oneness that is them. To breathe into their very centres and know this place is the only constant, the only guaranteed place in life they will keep forever. So Believe in it!

During: Challenge, is all I can say in this class. Hold standing postures a little longer, get students to switch their focus, to analysis the internal dialog. Is it full of negativity? Can they switch it round and tell themselves they have this, to believe.  Highlighting this throughout the sequence students are actually able to see how there inner mind works and whether they actually send kindness to themselves rather than hate. Theme is also perfect to bring new arm balances and asana’s that would push students further. Remember the yoga class is a safe place to experiment and play under guidance, remind your students this and keep reminding them to tell themselves they can! – As soon as they believe they can’t, whether they have the strength or skill to do it or not, They are right!

End :  Ending the class exactly where we start after Shavasana take one last minute of stillness ask students to feel the expansion in the body, notice how you feel bigger, that you are more than the space that’s taken by the body. That this expansion is nothing physical but the representation of their inner power willing to come out.


In Life..

Stop all the limiting beliefs and start telling yourself you can! – its that simple

You are the only one who can give yourself what you ask of the world.

Start believing, start trusting be your own best friend.

Discover your true potential

SJ x



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