Theme of the Week – Make Space



(The inspo from this weeks theme actually came from an inspirational talk I keep at hand for days when I’m feeling over whelmed. Details in the bringing it to practice section)

This weeks theme explained:

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all natural hoarders in all aspects on life.

I honestly believe us humans are all addicts, some addictions being more socially acceptable.

We run around from task to task, ticking off our to do list and before you know it the weeks pass by in a blurr.

We run full steam ahead, collecting promotion after promotion, success after success filling out days with the stress that comes with it.

Not only do we hold on to the physical things we identify with but also the emotional disturbances that we believe make us who we are.

What if we not only cleared out time in our day, things in our closets but our emotional cupboards to.

Think about how much room you’d have inside to fill with something better, something that nourished instead of dampening our spirits.

Just time to breathe into our beings , Time and space that leads us closer to discovering who we are and what we are here for.

Bringing it to practice..


As always the theme is introduced with the breathe. I Started this weeks classes with students on their back lying on two blocks: one between the shoulder blades and one under the head. Legs out in front or in badakonasana (butterfly) The natural opening of this pose feels amazing (especially if you’ve been working at a desk or tensed over with stress all day)

Bring students awareness to the expansion of the chest, the opening of the heart. To feel the space they’ve already created and the feeling of lightness.

After a few cleansing breaths, I asked them to connect to the inner stillness and what it contains.

What makes them feel connected and whether they are making enough space for it?


No specific targets, even though this theme would be great for a heart opening class. This week I just decided to make “MAKE SPACE” the mantra through out the class. with the intention that hopefully it would stick in their heads and into their life long after they left.

I would place students in the asana’s and then focus on the allignement with the mantra to hopefully guide them further inwards.

For example:

Warrior 3 : Make space between the crown of the head and the back heal

Extended Side angle: Make Space between the knife edge of the back foot and the finger tips

Tadasana: Make space between the crown of the head and the tailbone.


At the end of the class I actually play a snippet of the talk I mentioned above.

Its by a meditation teacher called Burgs who operates out of the UK, who I’m yet to meet but who’s voice keeps on cropping up to me when I need it most:

I’m going to leave the link here:

Depending on the length of the class was how long id let it play. Then I gave a few minutes in silence to let that sink in.

In Life…

You, your time, your inner space is Sacred.

Make sure you keep it that way. Make sure you take time to stop, breathe and connect.

Ask yourself these few questions:

What makes you feel most connected? – Are you spending enough time discovering and exploring that?

What are you holding on to, whats taking space in your mind, in your heart? – Do you really need to hold on to it?

If you’re longing to know yourself, if you long to know peace, happiness or the divine ; are you leaving enough space in your life to discover it

SJ x



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