Theme Of The Week – Acceptance


This weeks theme explained:

Accept where you are with your whole heart, only then you will have control.

I believe acceptance is a crucial tool in life that can used to grow and transform our current situations.

Once we accept things as they are rid ourselves of ignorance. Acknowledging where we are in any aspects of our lives shines light onto the darkness and opens the path to learning.

Accepting means seeing our limitations, our pain and working with them rather than against them (or completely denying their existence all together.)

It’s seeing that for some things you may not be ready, but that time to explore is a beautiful gift to give yourself.

Instead of forcing things unnaturally, accept you just might not be ready and let life and your practice flow organically .


Bringing it to practice..


I think a lot of the time in class you can see people battling with their egos.

This theme is trying to combat this. Trying to get students or yourself to really Immerse themselves in where they are in their practice, not reaching for that end goal and striving so hard to get that big toe to touch the head.

With this theme I tried to encourage the savouring of the journey rather than the celebration of a goal that’s been met.

During the class I through in some curve balls, some challenging balances and transitions to start, ending with some deep stretches. When in the pose I continued to ask students to find their limit, accept where they are today cause its what they’ve been blessed with and instead of fighting to go further, just softening there.

In Life..


Accept where you are in life, right now, however these words have appeared to you.

Accept with your whole heart everything that is you in this moment.

It is always bound to change and once you accept things the way they are you banish the stress of trying to control them.

Instead you are opening up your awareness to the lessons they may hold.

Maybe its a lesson of patience,

maybe a lesson of love.

Could even be a lesson you need to learn about yourself.

Accept the limitations

Accept the down days

Accept the heart aches;

With the full awareness that in accepting the cards life deals at us, we truly find out who we are.

SJ x





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