Theme of the Week – Nothing Matters



My theme of the week explained:

Something I seem to battle with a lot in life is blatantly knowing that none of this really matters.

Sometimes I think it’s a blessing, other times it’s quite depressing. Wondering why I’m even bothering in the first place.

Reality is…

We are born into this life naked and with nothing.

We shall leave exactly the same way.

So why are we pursuing to accumulate so much?

What you accumulate can be yours, it cannot be you.

You are not your clothes, your relationships, your labels and titles, your fancy cars or 6 bedroom house.

When you start realize this you start to question why?

Why are we striving, stressing ourselves to “gain” so much and at what cost?

We push people, friends family aside. Spend more time at your desk then we do at home.

Why aren’t we spending more time in the moment making ourselves happy with the people that makes us that very thing?

Look at nature, it’s perfect, life itself is perfect! Even if you came into this life having achieved “nothing” it’s still a miraculous journey.

Even the most humble lives have the most beautiful stories.

In the end it won’t matter what cars parked on the drive or how many designer handbags in the wardrobe

I do believe life comes down to two things:

1- How much you’ve lived

2- How much you’ve loved

All I’ve been asking my students this week is to spend a little bit of time to the things that they hold dear.

Bringing it to practice..


Again this can be more of a challenging in class. Encouraging the students or yourself to push boundaries – let go of expectations.

Remind students they are here to do only to do their PRACTICE.  Tell them not to stress, this is not the time. Guarantee they have enough of that in the real world.

It doesn’t matter whether they can handstand or splits it doesn’t make them a better person.

Urge them instead to honour their bodies if doesn’t feel good don’t do it.



In Life..


Let this weeks theme be a message to all of you.

Go out there, go out into the world with your full heart, take chances, love deeply, say yes to your deepest fears. Because NONE of it matters!

Free yourself from the burdens of expectations, of accumlated success and just LIVE!

SJ x


Please Let me know if you use this theme or find it useful.

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