Theme Of The Week – IT’S ON ITS WAY



My theme this week can be accredited to the the late and great Dr Wayne Dyer (who’s podcasts have fed me lots of wisdom the past years)

In one of his videos he explains once again the power of the mind, and asks: If we are what we think,  why are we all focusing on what we lack in life?

Because in doing so we’ll only create more of that lacking and wanting in our lives instead of results.

So he asks us all to focus not on what is lacking, but what you wish to create.

To take all the negative thoughts and replace them with four little but powerful words:


It’s that positivity and patience that god rewards (yes I dropped the G-Bomb)

Asif the universe was aligning with my theme, this week I got to teach a full class in the place my own story began in Urban Yoga.

Why is that relevant?

Because I started my journey in the corner of the room, praying the class would start cause of my anxiety.

And Friday I was no longer in the corner, but at the very front teaching a class full of amazing yogis.

I feel like I have come full circle.

I didn’t get to be there by limiting myself.

By letting the darkest and the fear take over.

It was through all the bad I just kept telling myself.

“It’s on its way”

I just have to play out this moment and have faith that god has my back.

All I’m asking you today is believe in yourself a little more.

And trust the timings of your life.

It’s a long one but it’s from the heart.

As always


Bringing it to practice..


Can be used in any type of class. But especially the most challenging.

Break the usual boundaries with this theme. Push students (safely) to try something new, something they never thought of trying. Keep this class playfully, remind students of the environment they are in. A safe environment to play.

tell them to not take life and practice so serious. And if they fall or are unable to execute a certain pose emphasis that its on its way, to not become negative.

Encourage them to do their practice and all is coming and finally one day they will get there

In Life..


This week, focus not on what you lack. Focus on the feeling of having that wish fulfilled.

Close your eyes, hold that feeling and whisper silently to yourself those 4 little words:




SJ x


Please Let me know if you use this theme or find it useful.

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