Theme of the week – No Wrong Turns


My Theme of the week explained:


When you think back, has any decision made in life ever been bad?

Didn’t the “wrong decisions” in life teach you so much about yourself?

Didn’t the doors that slammed in your face lead you to the opening of new and brilliant things?

You cannot predict life.

But I can guarantee whatever chapter you are right know is essential to paint your tapestry.

So why question it?

In a world full of infinite possibilities how do you know what’s trying to make its way in?

The universe will always work around your decisions, it will not punish or reward. Simply adapt.

There is no right or wrongs

No wrong turns.

Just keep the faith.

And let life unfold before you.

Bringing it to practice..


I encorparated a lot of twists in this one, with a mandala type flow. – People are bound to get mixed up here, left and right and all that.

Essential here to remind students (or yourself) that its not failure but learning. It’s not mistakes but growth.

Think about having a short sequence students can recall by themselves without cueing the second time around. Enabling them to act on their own.

In Life..

True no to hold on so tightly to your ideals, no when to surrender and let go when the universe is begging for it to happen.

Don’t fight the force but flow with it. There is a higher intelligence to all of our lives, the more we connect to it, the more we trust it, the more the realise there is no such things as mistakes the less we worry about making them.

Embrace all the shit, its what moulds us.

And know you are always in the right place.

SJ x


Please Let me know if you use this theme or find it useful.

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