Theme Of The Week – Energy Flow



Where our thoughts go, energy flows. We are all aware of it.

Yet people are so consumed with the lives of others rather than their own.

We are all natural gossipers, we all compare ourselves to others. And whether we admit it or not it’s because some part of us is jealous.

Thing is all these thoughts and words are only fueling someone else, and if you don’t wish to accept that. Think of all the time; all the energy you’re exerting.

You are literally giving away, wasting the energy you could use for yourself.

So this week I’m just asking everyone, Stay in your own lane.

Run your own race.

Own your own S**t

And feed yourself with your own energy instead of giving it away.

Bringing it to practice..


Instead of expelling energy out wards get students to internalise their focus. Focusing not on what others may be able to do next to them but how much they are feeling inside.

To be aware of the wandering thoughts and not to compare to anyone in the room, to not even compare to practices earlier in the week, just to be fully present in the now.

Bring their attention to the areas of tension ask them to send their focus and energy to the muscles helping them to relax;

Bring their attention to areas of weakness ask them to send their focus and energy into activation helping them gain a strong foundation;

See how much deeper they can delve.



In Life..


Make yourself a priority. Think about how much time is being spent obsessing over others when that time can be spent bettering yourself or making you 10% happy.

Focus is what brings results, Rein yours in, point it in the direction you deserve and see how your life changes.

SJ x



Please Let me know if you use this theme or find it useful.

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