Theme of the week – Fludity


Our whole life is movement. You cannot change it, even as your stood or sat reading this your internal systems are moving and flowing to the beat of life.

We were never born to be still. To stay in one place.

We are all made to adapt.

And it’s thanks to this ability that life can seem so effortless.

We all have this capacity, yet some of us try to control and fight the flow.

Leaving us all kinds of tense and unhappy.

To be fluid In our practice means letting go, of ourselves, or our ego, of any expectations and just moving organically. Moving with a softness and grace giving us chance to feel and experience.

In our life? – It’s exactly the same.

Not taking life so seriously! It’s feeling the movement of change all around you, even inside of you and not getting so caught up with controlling the circumstance but instead seamlessly flowing with it; letting life and you unfold.

It’s moving with each and every wave of this beautiful life you find yourself in, instead of letting them crash against you.

Bringing it to practice..

Perfect for a flow class!

Start by centring students or yourself. Then make them (or yourself) become aware of both the stillness they feel, but also the beat of the heart, the pulse of blood in their veins. Their inner intelligence that’s carrying them even in there stillness.

When going through the flow put emphasis on articulating each movement. Each curve/vertebra in the spine, each placement of the foot and each breath. Using cues such as “imagine your moving through honey.”

Encourage them to move with the body rather than against it. to see any limitations and embrace them rather than to push and resist them.

Teaching hatha style or restorative postures?

Ask students or yourself to find the softness in the stillness of a pose. To melt effortlessly and surrender into it. Ask them to be aware of any areas of tension and whether they can soften here with effortless effort.

In Life..

Let life flow through you. Its that simple; yet we all have the hardest time doing it.

Resist the urge to scream and fight when things don’t go your way.

for you never know what else is trying to make its way in.

If anything this theme is a lesson in faith.

Let life move YOU,

you will never move life.


SJ x



Please Let me know if you use this theme or find it useful.

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