Yoga Practice – Keep It Sacred

In this practice, in this space.

No room for ego

Striped down

Laid bare.

My Time, my place, my practice.


Feeling, Experiencing.

No Rules, No expectations

Permission just to be.

The Surrender

The Prayer

Keep It Sacred.

I’ve been reading or should I say scratching the surface on the history of yoga.
There is a reason this practice draws people in for 1000’s of  years , answering their deepest need to know the world and themselves:

It heals

It transforms.

It brings us peace and ultimately puts us back in tune with our hearts.

This practice is Sacred.

And I for one would like to keep it that way.

I’ve always said yoga is my prayer, and even though I am not religious in the slightest my time on the mat connects me to god. I dedicate that time and space to the divine. Yes it may not be true for some of you.

Fast forward a few 1000 years and you might there because it makes your abs pop, some maybe because your back hurts or your physio told you its a good idea. But please remember there are people in that room who are there to connect on a deeper level.

As a teacher I feel the pressure to cultivate such a environmental where I can let this message shine through!

So please this is me asking you:


In a world where our messages are now pinged into our watches for instant reaction, where we are in touch with the whole world in a instant: leave your phone watches, technology outside. 

It may be the only 75 minutes you get to yourself.

How many times in a day do you sit down and really listen to what’s going on inside?

How many days do you actually disconnect from the external and connect to your hearts? – asking: How am I?

What ever you reasons, in you next class see if you can give your whole heart.

in that moment give yourself away for 60 minutes.

Give yourself permission to let go of the world and pressures outside that door;

to feel,

to be guided by your heart,

to flow from that place instead of the mind.

Give yourself that gift; or give it away to the world completely.

Surrender to it, you’re no longer the ego, the labels.

You’re the atman – the True Self

Peace and Love




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