Why? – The Social Media Question

Coming back from my trip and being out of the Dubai bubble has me asking one thing:


Why am I doing all of this?

Especially in regard to documenting my life and journey in little squares and also my blog.

I’ve always stated I wanted to represent reality in a not so real world of highlight reels.

To put my heart into my words and teaching; hopefully to inspire and have them reach the people who made need them.

But how many of you have made it down to this sentence?

I can’t help but think that people want to be fed a lie of a perfect life, or just scroll to see pictures of toned people in amazing poses with quotes off Pinterest – yes I’ve been guilty myself. And I’ll admit I only take photos and videos in these far fetched poses just to get your attention in the first place!

It’s like most the world around me gives a shit about the wrong things.

Gone are the days of celebrating quality and hard work; instead we chose to reward those who’s following is bigger just to get more coverage ourselves.

Is social media just one big show boat?

It doesn’t matter what you bring to the table, how much experience, training or passion goes into your work but how many followers are on the top right of the screen. Why am I busting my balls to learn and grow to be the best teacher I can when I can just buy followers and fake it until I make it?

Don’t get me wrong I follow some amazing people who’s engagement is well deserved through the commitment of their art. But I’m also seeing questionable “Yogis” getting a big break when some of the best teachers are getting overlooked just in the name of status.

Following now means more than quality of teaching. It’s become all business and it’s b***s**t.

Where is the heart and soul in the industry?

Yes you can say I’m bitter and maybe I am. But I’m wondering why put so much effort when you work so hard to get over shadowed by the guy with no technique who’s brought twenty thousand followers anyway.

Sure I could change my approach, write posts with less substance like:

  • 10 songs perfect for shavasana
  • A quick guide to the Chakras
  • 10 minutes abs

But what use is that going to be to the 21 year old who’s suffering from low self esteem and anxiety?

Even though I feel like fighting a loosing battle I’m still going to carry on doing me, in the hope that some of you reading this can relate and support genuine hard work and HEART that’s behind all those who are striving rather than selling their soul and taking the easy way out.

Maybe the whole purpose of this trip was to see this. Because now more than ever I’m just committing to staying true to me, without any expectation from the world I find myself in.

This ones for all you underdogs who carry on doing your best work without the recognition you deserve.

I see you.

I see you taking the time to work on yourselves. To be your own best version to give a service rather than buying or faking it!

Peace and love




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