Dubai Vegan Makeup Guide

I’m basically writing this so you guys don’t have to go through the hours of research and walking around malls that I have.
I found it easy to shop cruelty free, but shopping vegan is a totally different story, with lots of hidden things to be aware of.

I’ve included all my tools, tips and links I’ve accumulated whilst on this journey; so its easier for us all to make the right choice

This guide is built to grow and will be updated frequently.  If you have any recommendations, comments or know of any independent vegan brands in Dubai (so rare to find) please shoot me a message on here or on my Instagram, which should be linked somewhere on the side of this page.



Lets start with what to look for when buying vegan:

1) Cruelty Free Vs Vegan

Okay it may seem pretty self explanatory but I just want to state here that just because a brand is cruelty free does not mean its free from animal products. A lot of cosmetics house lots of ingredients derived from animals. Ill go into more detail about this in part 3!

2) Sister Company’s

I was amazed to find out some of the company’s in Dubai who are proudly vegan are in fact owned by bigger companies who are not vegan and test DO on animals. Biggest ones being NYX and Urban Decay being owned by Lo’real and SMASHBOX – own by Este Launder
Why does it matter?

Well to me it just means my money is going into the pockets of those I’m trying not to fund in the first place.

So before you buy just give the brand a google (Google is a vegans best friend btw)

3) Ingredients

Lots of ingredients in cosmetics are derived from animals and then given a fancy name on the packaging.

Some of the main ones to look out for are:

  • Lanolin – Derived from sheeps wool, often found in lip and hair products
  • Glycerine – Generally comes from animal fat and used in a number soaps, make up and hair care products
  • Casein – Made from cows milk and present in creams, hair conditioners and faciel treatments.

But if you are still unsure, CLICK HERE for PETA’s Animal Derived Ingredients List

You’re welcome!

Make up :

Kat Von D

kat von d

No surprise here, being vegan herself Kat Von D is a hug advocate for animal cruelty. Though last time I checked she is still in the process of making all her range vegan. You can look for the VEGAN ALERT on her products or if you are in doubt CLICK HERE for the Vegan Product List

Sarah’s Favourite: Kat Von D – Lock It Concealer

Available in Sephora stores around Dubai

Cover FX


Started by the co-founder of MAC. Cover FX hosts an amazing array of high quality cosmetics with a huge number of shades to match. Their foundations give great coverage and guess what: Everything is Vegan!

Sarah’s Favourite: Perfect Light Highlighting Powder

Available in Sephora stores around Dubai

Gosh Cosmetics


Discovered this cruelty free brand a while back. They are one of my favourites as they don’t break the bank. Its good quality products without the high price tag we always see in Dubai. Not all products are vegan. You know the drill.CLICK HEREfor the list.

Sarah’s Favourite: Rebel Eyes Mascara

Available in Lifestyle stores around Dubai. Also for all cabin crew, available in your duty free at arrivals.


So apart from the BodyShop I come up with nothing for this category until recently. I discovered Soma Skin’s Body Mist.img_7315

Its infact all vegan, natural products and made in the owners kitchen. One of the first independent brands I’m happy to support in Dubai. They have a variety of scents.

CLICK HERE for their instagram link and send them a message.

They also supply all natural body butter!

Hair care:

If you’re like me and have your hair coloured in Dubai, you don’t want cheap hair care products that strip your hair in 5 washes. Introducing:

Paul Mitchell


UK stylist and professional vegan hair care brand who have never tested on animals and proudly state they never will

LOCATION: Found in Nazih Cosmetic stores across Dubai. To those vegan cabin crew, you can also find this in your duty free at arrivals

Extra Tips:

Make Up Brushes:

For makeup brushes I use Eco tools. Not only made from recycled plastic and bamboo. The packaging is also made from 100% Tree-Free Paper. You can find these bad boys in Boots Pharmacy around Duba

Holland and Barrett

Located in Dubai Mall this little gem houses and array of vegan products, from foods to toiletries. Though some may be pricey its worth a visit!

Check your local pharmacy

I was pleasantly surprised how much vegan products I could find in some local pharmacies in Dubai, I’ve stumbled across shampoos, deodorants and hair dye whilst shopping. So go in and also have a look around if you have time. Most products are clearly labelled vegan on the back to save you time!

So that’s it for now my little vegan warriors

As I said at the start, if you find discrepancies in any of the information stated, or you have more information.

Please just send me a message, I want this guide to grow and have many options suitable for all!

Peace and Love 




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