Petra and the Dead Sea – Every Mountain has a Presence

Petra By Night

My first encounter of the ancient city was at night.

I entered the hotel around 6:30 to be told I was lucky and had arrived on a day when Petra by night was being held.

We walked down the path, which was only lite by candles in a paper bag. As we strolled, encircled only by silhouettes of the canyons Petra resides in. I knew I was surrounded by sights that I would have to wait to experience in morning.

We reached the opening, and even though I believe the amount of people lessened the experience. Something I only witnessed through the screen my iPhone was once again in front of me very eyes. We sat, listening to the Bedouin music echo against the ancient walls that enclosed around us. Drinking tea with the moon right above our heads I was  transported to a much simplistic time, a time only these walls could remember.

Petra By Day

6:00 am starts is how eager we were to get back into the wonder.

Walking down the Siq I was just in awe, the colours, the energy, the walls rising high above my head making me feel so small and insignificant.

We made it to the iconic treasury and just a small hike made those Instagram worthy shots possible!

Then we spent the next 8 hours hiking. I had no idea that in this historical place we could just venture off into the mountains. The rugged landscape of a planet and time I still can’t quiet comprehend. It was truly out of this world!

What really blew my mind is how ancient civilisations could build and carve these intricate buildings straight into the rock. With no tools or technology we have today. I think it all boils down to how much they were connected with their surroundings. They had to use the resources given to them by nature and live and build organically from these. They would only use what they had and respected it . It feels like somehow, somewhere we have taken a step backward in regards to connection. We’ve traded quality, love and necessity for quantity, speed and consumerism.

Where is the soul in what we build now? Where is the authenticity?

Tip *Don’t prebook an over priced guide before your trip. Once you reach the treasury there will be lots of local Jordanians there to help you. They will even take you up the mountain to get a better view and photo opportunity. Don’t try to do it alone! There’s a high chance you will get lost. For extra money they will also take you hiking around the site and surrounding mountains!

It was time to leave and head to the dead sea. Just before we arrived we stopped the car in order to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. The colours all pastel, with the reflection perfectly mirrored on the dead sea. We got a two for one deal.

I wasn’t quite sure where earth stopped and heaven began.

All three of us was swept away. Immersed in the beauty of it all.

So much so we failed to noticed the ant hill we were standing on and spent the next ten minutes trying to get them all off Marina’s trousers!

Literally mesmorised. .


The Dead Sea.

Officially the lowest place on earth. And quite possibly the most hilarious.

Like two kids in a ball bit we played around for the best part of half an hour. for those who don’t know why It was so hilarious:

The amount of salt within the dead sea makes the water more dense, meaning as soon as you trust yourself enough to lift your legs you just float. Bobbing around thinking of all the funny shit you can do whilst suspended in water.

As the dead sea holds 8 times more minerals than most water on earth; once we finished playing around we covered ourselves in the mud provided by its banks.

So back to the hotel for an afternoon of handstands and relaxation. I don’t know whether it was my experience of the past two days or the Higher concentration of oxygen that gave me my inspo. But as I lay there, looking back on my time in Jordan, admiring the mountain ridges in front of me I realized something:

Every mountain has a presence, a wisdom, a kind of assurance in its very being; and they same goes for the mountains in our life’s. The greatest ones we climb, the mountains we moved.

Whether the experiences were “good” or “bad” they define our inner landscape.

They hold a space in time, a knowing and lesson built within from which we grew.

The highs

The lows

The scales

The falls

The deep cuts and gushing waterfalls

They all hold their own magnificence. And my god aren’t they beautiful to look at?

We stand in awe in nature admiring the raw, rugged and naturally formed wonders of those peaks.

But can we see ourselves that way?”

Peace and Love





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