Waiheke Island – The Essence Of Time

Each cabin crew knows the value of time and hopefully each one of us knows how best to spend it.

With limited time in each place it’s essential we get out and spend the gift we have been given…


Officially the longest flight in the WORLD!

Our Initial plan to go whale watching was abandoned due to bad weather at sea. After being awake most the night, my alarm sounds, I see that the trip has been cancelled!

Now I have two options:

1- Stay in bed, give into the jetlag and just give my body what it’s screaming it needs

2- Shower, breakfast and see what the day brings.

Just as I was about to succumb to that all fimiliar feeling of exhaustion my new found friend on the flight messaged me two words:

Waheike island?

I know time in my line of work is limited so I pull myself out of bed. And do I regret it?

Hell NO

Waiheke Island


The bright blue sea and gorgeous beaches of Waiheke made me forgot my jetlag even existed.

We rented bikes as soon as we arrived and beach hopped from beach to beach in this paradise.

Cycling around it, taking a few blissful moments, a few wrong turns and a panicked run to catch the ferry got me thinking about that all important subject of:


We all value this little beauty so much, I know that if I decided to just stay in bed I would of been so angry at myself for not using it.

Time is precious, that’s why we get so annoyed at ourselves and others when we think it is being wasted.

Ever thought it wouldn’t matter so much to us how much time passes as long as we find it of value?

Simply being out there witnessing nature so beautiful it didn’t matter that I lacked sleep, that I may be tired for work the next day. All that I was seeing and doing made up for the tiny inevitabilities.

Time, all of a sudden, seemed to move much more slowly. In a kind of prolonged state. It seemed to flow with me, waiting for me, enabling me to fully appreciate the moment. It was like being a child again, when life seemed so much slower compared to everyday life adulting. I remember reading somewhere that the reason for this was because as a child we’re are exposed more frequently to new experiences in life, it was more exciting and there for more notable.

Why should this stop as an adult? What if we started seeing the world through the eyes of a child again? Yes you might say that’s easy for me to say, sitting in paradise pondering on the world. But why not?

Yes you might have the same routine day in and day out, but it is never the same MOMENT.

I realised sitting on those beaches that there was not only a way to prolong my time but also to make time stand still, to really feel the infinite. And I know you’ve all probably read this time and time again but the secret to stopping time:

To be fully present in the moment. Not thinking about the past, or the future. Just to appreciate where you are and what you have each and every moment.

Just two questions to end:

How are you spending your time?

Could you be spending more time to make your soul happy? to live a life fulfilled?

Peace and Love




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