Aparigraha – The Art of Non Attachment

I started 2018 with the following statement in my head:

Give up anything you’re scared to loose

Basically the practice of non attachment and Aparigraha; the last of the 5 of Yamas.  (The moral guidelines for a practicing Yogi)

Why is it important?

We all know the importance of letting go but also anything you’re attached to mentally you identify with, and anything you identify with ultimately binds you.

Aparigraha is knowing that the world is in consent flux and that nothing actually belongs to us.

Anyway this blog post was spurred on by a conversation I was having with a young guy in the early hours of this morning, working a flight back from South Africa.

We got onto the topic of success. I could see he was already putting a lot of pressure on himself to be successful.

It became apparent to me that his definition of successful came in the form of money. He wanted to be rich, he wanted to have “nice things” to live the type of life “flying business class everywhere”

Nothing wrong with that! But where were the words Happy? Healthy? Purpose?

I could see in his eyes already the type of strain that he was putting upon himself with this needing and wanting. He was defining himself and his success by the “things” he could buy and the amount of pounds in the bank.

The danger of affliating yourself with possessions you’ve hoarded is that you live in Fear.

First the fear of not making it, second the fear that when you do, you might loose it all!

Fear of loosing all this that make you, you. You become selfish closed off to the world. Keeping those trophies of success close to your chest, guarding them. Instead of living openly, living from space, you live from the closed off pretty corner in front of the things you are trying so hard to keep and protect. No one can reach you. Opportunity can’t reach you. Because you’re no longer open. Bound by the shackles of your possessions. Your identity is tangible and disposable. Depending on “assests” separate from yourself.

Because without them? Who are you?

It stops you from emersing yourself into the world fully. Because your indentity is all to do with what you have, not who you are.

Sure it’s nice to have nice things.

But they should not be the basis of how you judge your successes in this life.

This is why Aparigraha is important

We set ourselves up for a fall when we take our security from things outside of ourselves.

We give away our power.

True liberation and freedom only comes when we renounce these attachments

Nothing binds us.

You yourself are the only infinite thing in your life

And when we take your security from this, to know ourselves away from the things we diligently carry;

We walk through life knowing we hold something the external cannot take from use.


I mean seriously, What else do you need? :p

Peace and Love


SJ x


2 thoughts on “Aparigraha – The Art of Non Attachment

  1. I need so badly to work on this! Great read, thank you for sharing – I didn’t know this practice had a name!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. So glad you found something from it ❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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