Yoga Life Lesson- Act of Allowing

I would like to give you permission, to simply be yourself…

Another lesson I take from my mat into life off of it is the simple act of Allowing.

Being present , just me and my breath I have learnt to listen to my body.

Allowing what ever feelings and emotions that surface to guide me where I want to go in my practice, which places need most attention.

It’s called intuition.

It’s seeking what’s natural and organic to me and Allowing it to take over and fuel my practice

How does this relate of the mat?

Why can’t we let that intuition; all that’s natural and organic to our souls ,fuel our lives aswell?

Simply learning to allow myself to be exactly that: Myself

I think we’ve all go through a patch in our lives where we don’t feel good enough. Always seeking approval from our peers and loved ones.

Bending over backwards to try seek their approval. Trying desperate to fit into pre-set moulds of the society we grew up in:

  • What, you don’t have a degree?
  • What do you mean you don’t want kids?
  • You’re 35 and SINGLE? Do you not want to be married?
  • Shouldn’t you be saving for a mortgage?
  • No business Plan!? Are you stupid!?
  • What about when you retire!?

It’s Exhausting…

It’s so unnatural. We’re stifling our very essence; completely loosing our uniqueness because we’re letting someone else’s preconceived concepts on how to live life fuel our actions instead of allowing who we are guide us and shine through regardless of the reception!

The god who created us all different never intended for us all to wear the same suit.

I’ve felt this recently with this blog. Not writing because it doesn’t fit into the categories I’ve set myself, scared of people saying: well what exactly is she doing? Why is she doing it? Who does she think she is?

Fact is I’m scared of the judgement but at the same time I just feel the need to get out my words as a kind of thumb print I leave on the world. Allowing them to be carried out into the World Wide Web; faithful in the knowledge that whoever needs these words will ultimately find them.

But most importantly this is how I’ve always come into touch with my true self. Its my own self therapy. So what’s the difference between writing all this in my moleskin journal or online, where hopefully I can share experiences and thoughts that people might take something from it.

You don’t need to do anything to deserve love. You only need to realize it in yourself. Everything you do in life, should be organic, easy, effortless and most of all make you happy! And if it doesn’t, or you’re busting your balls to pretend or make things a certain way you should think twice as to whether this is really a true expression of who you are. – Whether its worth it!

All I wish to tell you and myself is we all have a purpose and the only way to attain clarity to stay true to you, simply allow, stop battling with the inner monologues and the outter circumstances that rob you from your own truth and divinity.

Allow It shine through

Allow it carry you through your journey.

Then Allow what ever else is ment for you just fall effortlessly into your lap..

Peace and Love


SJ x

2 thoughts on “Yoga Life Lesson- Act of Allowing

  1. Hey wonderwall, smile more 🙂

    Thank you for your posts x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always smiling. I knew you were reading this yesterday!


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