I bet you’re here expecting the same old “new year, new me” that always plagues our screens at this time of year.

Although I’m a sucker for goals and planning I can’t help but think that there is so much pressure to start the new year with a bang that we’re getting it kind of wrong.

People set their expectations so high they forget to look inward at how our bodies and mind are feeling.

What if it’s not the right time for us to set goals?

I for one am sat here, without a voice writing this. I’ve been battling and pushing my illness to “stay on track” and pressuring myself to get the best start of the year. When reality is my body just wants to recoup and recover and sometimes dull my mind with netflix.

And there’s nothing wrong in doing that!

Nothing productive comes when we feel forced into things. Life should enevitably flow with how we are feeling at any given moment and so should our intentions.

This plus the fact that we’re working against the natural laws of the season. Winter is renowned as a time of introversion, animals go into hibernation and so should we!

Lets all stop fighting to overcome what we feel and actually feel it!

  • The laziness
  • Lack of motivation
  • The loneliness
  • The general slump of winter

If this is all taking place for us to learn the lessons we need come spring than so be it!

Everything is Perfect.

If you’re one of these people finding it hard to get into the new year hype I give you one resolution only:


Just relax and look for the seasons to change – That all important shift of energy.

Peace and Love


SJ x


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