Delays, Diversions and Deliveries

Some days may not be what you invisioned.

Do not let this blind you to the beauty they may hold.

December 10th –  Sarah’s checking in for her 7 hour flight.

This isn’t just any flight. Its a flight home! Also ITS SNOWING!!!

To say I was excited is an understatement. I had images of me at home with my family, playing in the snow with my nieces and nephew running through my head all the way to check in.

Could a run up to Christmas get any better?

I didn’t expect however, that 8 hour flight would turn into a 15 hour duty and I would be landing in a totally different city, totally shattered with only 11 hours until I had to get back on that plane.


Anyway, waking up after not enough slept I decided I had a choice. I could let all this get to me, throw my dummy out the pram and just complain all the way back to Dubai.

But what good would that do? – A negative mind serves no one.

So I walked across the room ready to just embrace the day for what it gave me.

I peeled back the curtains and saw nothing but beauty.

I knew the flights home would be even more delayed, I knew I was in for another long duty (Another 15 to be exact). That didn’t matter now, I was going to make the most of the little time I had.

As I walked around, barely able to feel my toes I said:


Thank you for the fresh air, the snow (which make things look 100% prettier) and the testing time away which is making Christmas look all the more special!

Flights like these really makes you realise what is to be part of the “Crew” community. You are all in the same boat (or plane rather) and its these people who pull you through.

There’s an underlining empathy and spirit that comes with experiencing these things together. You bond over the jet lag, the sheer ludacrisy of it all and knowing you’ve got 21 others there with you makes you feel less victimised by lifes uncontrollable events – you all understand a little bit better what it means to be human.

You also know what it means to be less than human- trust me some things people come out with after the hypoxia and jetlag sets in really do make you flight!

What could top all this off?

As we shuttled the plane back to my home city (Unfortunately I’m not leaving the aircraft) I get news that I have become an Auntie once again! My sister- in -law has just delivered a beautiful healthy baby boy!

Yes it sucked I was so close yet so far

Yes the events may not have been ideal

Yes I may have “missed out” on another occasion

But I was still experiencing every emotion in them – in my own trolly dolly way!

I could hold nothing but love in my heart!

Switch your perspective and the whole world changes.

Peace and Love

SJ ximg_1243

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