That’s My Yoga…

My mind was the reason I started..

Then I tasted the sweet connection of the breath. How it would guide, calm me. Tell me everything was okay. The body followed; opening up, getting stronger. All three flowing as one.

My life started changing with these advances, only subtly at first. I was able to think clearly, to let go, to find peace. Before I knew it my life, just like my body and my practice was coming into allignment with my true self. Who I really was.

All that I learnt on the mat was being transferred to my life off of it. My whole lifestyle was transform. I am transformed. The more I become, the more I learn, the more it reflects in my life.

It is my prayer. My ode to life. My surrendering to the things I once tried so desparately to control.

That’s my yoga.

What’s yours?

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