Reality of Cabin Crew – Last Minute Living

I’m currently sat in my hotel room in Singapore a face full of makeup and its raining heavily outside.
All because 20 minutes before I’m meant to leave I receive a phone call telling me my flight will now depart tomorrow instead.

I know this is the reality of my job – the interchangeable world of the airline industry strikes again.

Being crew you simply have too adjust to living last minute.

What does that mean?



Last Minute MONTH!

This month saw the start of my reserve month. Meaning the whole month I’m on standby, the day before my roster will change telling me to stand by between allotted times. And I wait. I wait for a phone call telling in two hours they are sending me to X Y or Z. Sounds exciting right?

Maybe, but what happens when your friends are doing something awesome and you have no idea where in the world you’ll be?

What about opportunities you have to turn down because you COULD be flying.

What about when your best friend at home has a baby and you can’t even try to swap a flight to see the new arrival  – whatsapp will have to do!

Trust me November is full of serious FOMO for me already.


Last Minute Flights

Okay we all know the major benefit of working for an airline is the staff travel.

Ever Booked a flight the day or a few hours before you’re due to depart? Sounds crazy right! but welcome to my world. Yes its amazing to get discounted tickets! Reality is planning your holidays will be super hard! (especially if your travel companions aren’t crew and have no idea on the rules – “what do you mean you’re not guaranteed to get here?)

You’ll never really know until days before if you have a chance of getting on a flight. Then you may not even make It on due to cargo restrictions or sudden over booking! Many times I’ve been stuck in an airports because of the passenger loads changing. So there I am sat in the corner frantically searching for another way out so I make it back to work on time! – Anxiety Overload!!

But its not all bad news. When its your lucky day you’ll get accepted – 45 minutes before scheduled departure! Then its a last minute run through security for you; always getting stuck behind the people who have liquids packed, no plastic bag and have no idea of procedures! HA!


Last Minute Changes

The good old “operational Reasons.” When they take that lovely flight to Vienna and swap it for a overnight long ass turnaround. Nothing you can do. Just put up and shut up and make sure you paste your smile on firmly for you flight.


Last Minute Planning

Unless you have annual leave booked and physic vision there is no way you’re going to make it home to family or even be in your country of residence for all the special occasions.

This has to be the hardest reality.

The christmas’, the birthdays, the baby showers, the engagements.

Due to our timetable only being released towards the end of every month you wont know whether being at all these things is going to be a reality. You just got to accept that your the unreliable party guest that may or may not show up. You really do live just month to month.

I know I’m moaning abit here.

So what are the positives of all this:


Life is never boring.

Sure it’s stressful at times and can drive you a bit insane, but you have no routine! Which means you never experience the same month – I can honestly say I never get bored.  For someone who is petrefied of routine there’s a reason I’ve managed to stay in this job for 4 years (my record) and not loose my mind and quit (though I have come close a few times)


It Helps you grow.

Life as a crew is always changing. If there’s one thing you don’t want it’s to be stuck in your ways. It teaches you to let go and go with the flow.

Honestly, I used to get so worked up when things changed and were out of my control. But then you learn not to resist it, that these things happen and you have a choice to let it ruin your day and suck it up and make the best of it!


Time is Precious

It makes that time with loved ones all the more special. It makes coffee with my sister that bit sweeter, A beer with my brother a special occasion and even being made fun of by my brother-in-law ever the more bareable! Sure its hard to see my nieces and nephews grow up over skype and WhatsApp. But boy when I’m home and in that room with them it means the world. A simple thing that most take for granted, a simple cuddle on the sofa, a giggle playing hide and seek just fills me up with so much gratitude to actually being there in their presence. Its sitting down for dinner with my parents and listening to their days in the life of home . Another benefit of the job is that I can work the flight home and see them for 24 hours when I’m missing them.


You Realise what friendship really is

This job will remove people from your life. Yes that doesn’t sound positive but let me explain. Due to you being in and out and all over the world. Inaccessible and missing in action you really see who values having you a part of their life. People who you will have a lasting connection with. You see that true friends make the effort and after 4 years my circle of friends is smaller than ever but I know all these people would be there for me no matter what!


There you have it

A few home truths from the trolley dolly

Peace and love ,





6 thoughts on “Reality of Cabin Crew – Last Minute Living

  1. “You Realise what friendship really is.” YES! Even tho I am not a ‘trolley dolly,’ I have moved many times and gone through many changes. Some people have stuck with me, some have not. It’s wonderful when you know who the true friends are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You really do!! And to be surrounded with that sense of security is priceless!!


  2. Well, it’s your choice to be in this line. So if you aren’t happy with it, resign and stop whining as if the world owes you a living..


    1. I’m very happy with my job and my life. The world owes me nothing.. As u can see the positive aspect at the bottom.. just think it’s fair to give a whole view of our lifestyle 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  3. love your this post! flying for work and flying for leisurely with family is two diff feeling.


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