Yoga Life Lessons: Strength

Until recently I have never attributed myself with the word strong. During the last month I’ve had a few people telling me how “strong” I am or how strong my practise has become and it got me wondering:

What Is Strength?

Strength to me is more mental than it is anything to do with my body. That’s just the by product, the result of the determination and discipline it took to get me to where I am now. My strength came from being weak mentally and telling myself, pushing myself towards change. It came first in form of  getting myself motivated and to try new things. It was having the courage to step into crowded calisthenics or yoga class for the first time even though the anxiety was crippling. Then it meant waking up early before flights even sometimes at 4am to get in a small practice. Or telling myself to carry on even when I felt failure.

But where did the motivation for that come from?


The Magic Word.

That’s the stuff that really shapes you and teaches you to be strong. We have such a negative mind set when it comes to feeling and hurting but the reality is this is the time of your life where most transformation happens.  In order to grow we have to embrace the suffering, listen to it, feel it and try to discover what else hiding in there. What it is teaching us.
I’m not here to play the victim card. We all experience things in our lives that hurt and everybody goes through it in some form or another.

Its called being human.

Pain can come in all shapes and sizes whether you’re suffering from:






Self loathing


A broken heart

A messy Relationship

Loosing Yourself

Or just struggling to find yourself in the first place

 The Question is not why this has happened to you it’s what do you do choose to do with it?

Do you let it over come you, lay stagnant in the dark OR use them as the catalyst for change?

Strength for me was staring pain in the face and saying “I’ve had enough.”

Strength starts when you are weak, vulnerable and YOU decide that you no longer want this is be your reality.

You make a choice to not let what is holding you back beat you. Its knowing that the pain isn’t you at all and its having the determination to persist even when you fail.


And that my friends; even though you may not  see it until months or years down the line:

IS the start of you becoming Strong!


As with anything in this life it all starts internally, in the mind. When the mind gets strong ; that strength will eventually manifest itself on your outside world.

To anyone feeling any kind of pain or hardship, please know you’re not alone, all the world’s “strongest” people have had to deal with some kind of pain in their lives. Never forget from your lowest times comes a higher you. Sit back and ask yourself:

“How can this be transformed, what else grows here?”

(Hopefully the answer will be you!)




Peace and love


SJ x


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