Yoga Poses For Open Hips 


Hips for me and so many people are one of the most challenging places to open up.

It is after all said that it is in the Hips where we store all our emotional baggage. So its no wonder they take there time in opening up!

Now this month after 3 months of stretching and working with these bad boys I had a major breakthrough and managed to fully “Pancake.”

Below I’ve listed the poses I practiced most days. Either on there own or placing them into my routine



As well as focusing on the stretching of the tissues within the joint you also have to work with the joints mobility. This enables the tissue around pelvis to loosen so it can roll in the posture; getting your chest closer and closer to the floor

Before or in between these poses I suggest coming into three legged dog, raise your leg, open the hip and do three hip circles in each direction trying to get maximum opening and movement. You can also do wide hip circles from standing. which ever you prefer 🙂

Oh and one more thing:

Its critical to work  from your sacrum/lower back area keeping a flat back (think Cobra chest!)


1. Frog Pose

  • A great hip opener. Come to the ground on all fours and open your knees.
  • Think of yoga as geometry: Your foot, ankle, shin and knee should all be in perfect lines and right angles.
  • Here I like to also work with mobility by rocking forward and backwards. But as always we all have different bodies so move where you find the stretch and hold it there (trust me you’ll feel it when it’s working)

2. Butterfly

  • First and most important of all in this pose is too look at your feet, instead of having the sole of the feet together open your feet like a book and push the pinky sides of the feet together.
  • This encourages the opening and rotation of the hip and your knees will come close to the floor like this:


  • Now With your two arms behind you present your chest, for some this may be enough.
  • If you can and want to go deeper grab the feet (making sure you’re still opening them like a book) and Move forward from the sacrum with a straight back (REMEMBER COBRA CHEST).


3 – Two footed pigeon

To be honest its my lease favourite pose but you cant deny it works!

  • Start on the floor and bring one foot on top of the opposite knee.
  • The bottom leg should be parrellel with the top. Again think yoga geometry – both knees and feet should be stacked.
  • Flex both feet in order to protect the knee.
  • With your two arms behind you present your chest, for some this may be enough. If you can go deeper again start to lean forward from that sacred sacrum keeping your chest lifted
  • This can also be done in front of a wall for support


4- Seated Straddle

And the famous pancake! Before I’m ready to fold in this pose I always work on the mobility of the pelvis. a friend told me this tip and it actually works!

  • When in straddle you are going to work on micro movements of the pelvis. (think trying to get your pubic bone to the floor)
  • Pulse here as many times as you can to encourage movement.
  • Shake your legs off ,then try and fold.
  • If your hands can reach your shin or ankles hold here
  • AS ALWAYS keep a straight back, chest forward and move from the sacrum


I do have to add here that although I’m currently training I am not yet certified as a yoga teacher. As you can see though I am talking on behalf of the best teacher there is: experience

Any questions or feedback is always welcome!!


Peace and Love yogis

SJ x


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