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I’ve just spent the last 10 days in Hawaii and came back all the best kind of rejuvenated. You know when you’ve had so much time away you’re in the best state of not giving a single shit. You know the universe has your back and there’s something greater in the under current of life. All the pressures and things I didn’t even know I was holding before I went finally settled and seem so stupid; washed away somewhere between my hikes, the ocean and the tropical downfalls in Kauai.

I’m gonna go all out there and say that this has to be one of my favourite places I’ve visited (big statement I know). With it being a whole day away from Dubai I couldn’t believe I was able to just to get on a plane (or 2) and do it! Throughout the whole ten days I saw the most beautiful places, beaches, mountains and sunsets day after day. It made me appreciate earth and the natural things in it. I spent so many moments day to day really trying to saviour all that was my experience; minutes in pure awe. How all this was possible and accessible to me. This little girl from Wolverhampton just doing and being on a remote bit of land in the middle of the pacific.

I always make a promise to myself when travelling to really see a place before I pull out my phone, its one of the practices I’ll keep with me forever and I hope you will too.

Here’s my travel tip for all you doers and goers:



In a world plague with social media and technology obsessed nation I want you too make a promise to yourself when you find yourself doing or being somewhere new:

Before you reach for your phone

Before the EGO calls for a selfie

Before you even try to relay what you are seeing or feeling to another

Just stop for ten seconds and revel at where you are.

Make time stop still.

Really SEE what is right in front of you.

Commit to memory the smells and sounds that surround you. How it makes you feel and what’s being told to your soul.

Think about How you got there how grateful you are for each and every experience you get to put in the memory bank.

Show gratitude to yourself for making it happen. For turning up and being here, making it possible for how what you are doing and seeing has come to pass.

Why is this important?

BECAUSE when the time comes that your old and wrinkly. Technology has over grown you and your arthritis no longer lets you scroll through 30+ years of posts: You can fully recall what it was like to just be in that place, in that moment because you took the time to embed it within.

In summary:



Peace and Love

SJ x


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