A Flight Attendant’s Favourite Destinations

Every profession comes with a set of questions people feel obliged too ask when creating small talk. Can you guess whats the number one question on a flight attendants list?:

Wheres the best places you have visited?

I find myself answering this question on a weekly basis, so seeing as the answer is embedded in my autopilot (no pun intended) I thought id answer it for the World Wide Web to see.

Tricky, cause I’ve been many places both with work and on holidays. So Ive decided too pay hommage too my job. I am so grateful for all the places I have been and seen working for an airline. Im currently on 53 countries and counting. Some of these countries I wouldnt of even thought of visiting. On top of that there is no way I would of had the money or time needed to tick them all off!! So this post is focused on the best trips and places I have experienced (So Far (; ) whilst working:


1- RIO DE JANERIO (You can sleep when you’re dead)

Okay so I had to start with the big one! RIO – what a place. This trip is like the creme de le creme in cabin crew world. The destination you may only have a shot at getting if your top bid and the roster gods decide youve been a good hosti the past year.

In total we only get around 48 hours in Rio. Split into two 24 hours with a cheeky trip too Beunos Aires inbetween.

And what did I get up too in 48 hours – A HELL OF ALOT!

How many hours of sleep was I averaging: About 4 hours a DAY!

Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY .. Here are my highlights:

Sugar Loaf Mountain

FullSizeRender (1)

I Mean come on! How can this view not take your breath away! After landing in Rio and a cheeky 4 hour nap. We were up and ready too make the most of this opportunity. UBER straight too Sugar loaf!

You take a series of cable cars up too the final viewing platform and this is what greets you. To say it took my breath away is an understatement. I Think this is the most shades of blue I’ve ever witnessed with my eyes!


It really was an experience of a life time! Soring through the air with views of Rio’s famous beaches and mountains in the distance. You can be sure those images will stick with you forever.  To round of the experience – A beach landing and the biggest bowl of acai you can dream of! (I think my insides were purple by the time I left. When in Rio right?) Now were on our way too see the main attraction, but not without a stop of the world famous Escadaria Selarón first and ofcourse, there is always time too Handstand!

Christ the Redeemer

Even though most were complaining that the sun was necciling behind the clouds, and that Rio was beginning to be dusted in a kind of ominus fog, I couldn’t help but think that it  added something magical to this moment. For years this statue has been on my bucket list, and as I completed one of the many sets of stairs, I saw the big JC’s chin and face come into view. There he was, arms stretched out and ready too greet me. I had made it. I was there and I could not believe I was standing in the place I had pictured so many times in my mind. Once again – a memory that will last forever.




If it wasnt for this job I dont think I would of ever decided that china would of been a place I would of liked too visit. It definatly wouldnt be top of my list anyway.

Within my first 6 months of flying I was rostered Beijing in the winter! Freezing, armed with a ski coat i was questionning my sanity even leaving the warmth of the hotel. But as soon as i arrived i counted my lucky stars. Seeing the Great Wall Of China surrounded by snow capped peaks well and truly took my breath away. I definetly wasn’t prepared for what I witnessed. too say I underestimated it is and understatement. The shears size of it, just thinking about how long it must have taken, the amount of hands and lives that contributed towards being this world wonder. The Great Wall definely made an unexpected impression on me and thats why it makes the list.




This place has made the list due to me experiencing something different every time I’ve visited that helped me fall a little bit more in love with the place. The nature beauty that surrounds this place is just rediculous. My favourite highlights of my trips here:

Table mountain & Camps Bay

My first trip too cape town happened too be with two of my very good friends which never happens in a airline so big! We decided too make the most of it which of course ment a trip too this beauty.

Lions Head trek at sunrise.

This is a must if you are ever in Capetown! Armed with a flash light and a water bottle we left the hotel at 5am. Arriving at the bottom of the trail we started hiking under the stars with the pitch black silloutte of table mountain surronding us. Reaching the top just before sunrise in order too see the day come in. On the way back down I went off the beaten trek to find the world famous wally cave. THE perfect picture oportunity for those #yoga poses.


4- Seoul – Bukhansan National Park

When I say Seoul what do you think of? A big technological city? A guy doing the gangnam style dance? Definetly not mountains right? This trip made my list due to the nature and beauty that surrounds seoul itself.(Also as you can probably tell im such a mountain girl at heart!) It took me by complete surprised when I searched #seoul on instagram and saw Bukanstan National Park pop up.

Luckily one of the guys on my flight fancied doing the hike with me. (turns out I made a pal on this layover – another rareity in crew world!) It took us around 2 hours too get to the top and for sure it was challenging. You start off winding your way up through the Korean forrest that gradually gets steeper and turns into natural steps! The last bit of the hike you have to climb using the assistant rails and ropes!:


Thats it, My top destinations and the question I’ll probably answering tomorrow on my way too shanghai!


Peace and LOVE

SJ xx



2 thoughts on “A Flight Attendant’s Favourite Destinations

  1. Brilliant read!! Rock on Lil lady!!


    1. Thanks so much! still new too this so it means a lot!


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