"Freedom Through Movement"


Sarah White

Yoga Alliance certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher based in Dubai.

Available for Private lessons and Events

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My Yoga Journey

My  journey started in June 2016 at this time in my life I was a shell of a person suffering from low self esteem and high levels of anxiety. Yoga was the only time in my day where I would feel like I was worth something, that I wasn’t a empty vessel and where my mind would finally silence.

This is where my transformation began.

It became apparent quite quickly the positive effects yoga was having on my life outside of the mat. After a few months I knew I wanted to share this knowledge and practice to help people the way it has helped me.

Its my mission to help people see how strong they actually are, that its really okay to feel and what we see as our weaknesses or pain can be transformed into our power. Through my teaching I try to incorporate the perfect balance of building strength and opening up both mentally and physically.

Finally I want to help people find their inner lights, to be in touch and connected to their bodies, mind and soul. So most importantly they can be comfortable in their own skin and embrace who they truly are; as they are.

I quit my full time job as a Flight Attendant after 5 years to pursue this dream in September 2018.


Yoga Life Lessons : Strength 


June 2017 – June 2018 – Yoga Alliance 200hr Hatha flow With Natalia Fata

April 2018 – Functional Anatomy Workshop with Krieg Weiss

September 2018 –  DYAAN – 40HR Meditation Teacher Training With Swami Mahavanam

November 2018 – World Calisthenics Organisation Level 1 & 2 Coaching Certification

January 2019 – Intelligent Sequencing with Julie Martin

January 2019 – Anatomy and physiology with BodyHackUAE

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